Mind-gazing is a highly difficult but potentially effective mode and once we reach this stage; we can control our behavior and attitude and can fine tune it to the dictates of our conscience.

Not to be generalized

Before we begin to discuss this mode more deeply, I want to mention that it is a difficult topic and we need be careful enough not to generalize it for one and all. Due to various factors influencing the state of mind, this topic should not be forced upon someone. At the same time, everybody can understand it in his/her own way, as per their mental setup.

Mind is the key

It is often said that our mind is our key—the key to unlock the cycle of birth and death. We need to train our mind to help us regain our lost or forgotten identity. This mind has been trained long to make us foolish, rooted in a false idea that his body is our true nature and we are not separated from it.

What we need to do?

We have to train our mind to believe that we are what our body is not.

Parts of a machine

Okay, consider this. It is believed in medical science that even after death, we are not dead and our body organs can be used for transplantation and can serve their functionality for someone other. Now what does this tell us? This clearly gives us an idea that these body organs are just like tools or parts of a machine that has stopped working due to power-off in that machine. These tools can serve the part in another machine whose power is still working.

We own this body

This example gives us a clear idea that we are not body but we own this body for some specific purpose and we have to take help of our mind in order to succeed in that mission.

An allegory for school children

Once I took up volunteering to teach computers to some school children. While thinking about how I could make them understand about the difference between hardware and software, I hit upon this idea. I told them that this hardware is like our body; this software is like our mind; and the electric power is like the soul. Without this electric power (which never is visible and never comes into attention of anybody), the whole computer system stands still and can’t work.

Soul is all powerful

Similarly, our body and our mind are non-functional without the power of our soul, which is invisible to our eyes and don’t come into forefront when we discuss about this material world. We have to keep an eye on the software so that the computer system does not malfunction and does not get corrupted.

Websites too

Now that we are considering the modern age machine of computer, I will like you to consider about websites also. We can see a great and revealing parallel between creating a website and the creation of God.

Consider this

God, like a web-designer, planned that He needs a concept of internet where He could engross Himself and play with His own creation. Firstly, He created the atmosphere of internet by creating the universe where different types of ethereal objects float. These floating objects play the part of servers that recall the functions of websites. Then He allotted hosting space to planets. Then He created various patterns of hills, seas, ice, and flora on these planets like graphics used for websites. After that, He created species like various categories of the site —we were sent as human category. Now, there are different articles and graphics in our category that is parallel to our history.

Why all this?

Why we are considering all this? –just to make our mind believe that all this is created by God and we have to unearth this mystery of creation. There is no point in running after different categories and graphics of this website—we have to focus on the Webmaster and get connected to Him.


Oftentimes, our mind is against us—it is more under the control of ‘Maya-net’. We have to decode this ‘Maya’ by adopting a mind-gazing attitude and not follow the whims and fancies of our mind—we need to train our mind to feel satisfied with whatever God does to us. After all, we are the content of His website and He can alter our position anytime.

Do you feel the need?

Do you feel the need to have control over your mind so that you could regulate your life in a better way? Share your views with us.


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