Incompetency is one of the major problem of developing and under developed countries. The main reason for the same is poor education, lack of exposure and insufficient experience. There is no lack of sincerity or hard work but lack of innovative and smart work. Entrepreneurs neither have patience to train them nor ready to invest in the growth of employees. This ultimately result in to poor performance of individual as well as enterprise.

The difference in average organisation and world class organisation is quality of its employees. Once a great leader said that you take my all assets but leave my key employees and in no time I will again create a world class organisation.

Tips to improve competence 

  1.  Whenever you hire a new person, first create a job profile and role clarity and search person accordingly rather recruiting first and creating a position according to him. Neither recruit a over qualified person nor under qualified. Focus on quality of person while recruitment rather than quantity. Quality people are always expensive.

  2. In any organization only 5% tasks require innovativeness. 95% tasks are of routine nature. Create detailed processes and efficient systems for performing routine tasks so that dependence on human intervention reduces drastically. Use information technology as much as possible. 

  3. Invest continuously on training. Training is not an expense. Training shall be continuous process.

  4. For existing employees try to match person’s competencies with job requirement. If require shuffle the jobs among staff.

  5. Tell people clearly what is expected of them. Set their goals in writing. Review the results periodically. Go in depth of non-achievements of goals. Reset the goals for next period.


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