Making friend is easy but maintaining friend for lifetime needed high level of emotional intelligence. In an era of social networking just by clicking on a request one can make friend. But those are not more than acquaintances. Real friend is the one with whom you can share your pain and pleasure with equanimity. He will not feel jealous with your pleasures and not get hidden happiness with your pain.

Friendship is beyond caste and creed, above class and colour, without any relevance for gender and age. One good friend is enough to lead good life. Friendship is not a relationship of give and take. In good friendship you keep giving unconditionally.
In friendship expect nothing and accept everything.

As soon as expectation comes in, friendship starts sliding down. Your friend may have lot of qualities different or totally opposite than you, accept them without any reasoning. As you accept apple as apple and banana as banana and do not question why banana is not tasting like apple or vice versa.

5 Tips to maintain lifelong friendship:
1. Expect nothing.
2. Accept the friend as it is.
3. Do not wear any mask with friend.
4. Be emotionally intelligent to know the need of your friend and fulfill it.
5. Meet and communicate regularly.





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