Need experience ? : – do simply ( as I did and see common sense of MS )

  1. buy windows 8 Pro DVD
  2. Install it
  3. Get Free Upgrade via Stores
  4. you will be happy to see,  now its Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
  5. wait for few days when windows get corrupt or starts creating startup / booting problem.
  6. Contact to Microsoft Help Desk
  7. The Advice you will get
  • sir download and  install windows 8 online , by using your product key
  • please download 8.1 again via Stores and install 8.1

      there is no single way to install / repair / recover – your win 8.1. MS do not give right to write updated 8.1 as ISO. and you know windows 8 is good for nothing.


                                                                         might be a reason for public to choose win 7 (out dated OS) or pirated versions of 8.1