A competency-based job description emphasizes the skills and experience the jobholder will need, or will need to learn, to successfully handle in the position. In the example of a bookkeeper, a competency-based description might include college coursework in bookkeeping, accounting and finance, knowledge of specific software, industry experience, a specific length of time performing the tasks associated with the job, and specific licenses or certifications. This is important not only for creating help wanted ads, but also for creating different levels of staffing, such as coordinator, manager and director positions within a department, and giving employees a chance to see a path to advancement. This type of job description might give an employer ideas for offering work-related seminars, workshops and other training.



The use of job description is to provide precise information to the Job holder, about his contribution for achieving organizational objectives. It is a fundamental tool for a Line Manager who can use it to ensure that his/her subordinates understand what they have to achieve and the criteria on which their performance will be measured. Beyond this main purpose, job description provides information to support other HR Processes; however it must be reviewed and updated periodically.


Determining Competencies

To adequately staff any position within business, it’s essential to create a detailed job description. Start with the duties and responsibilities of each position, then review all of your positions to make sure each of the tasks needed to run your business are assigned, and to the correct department or person. After you have delineated all of the tasks necessary for your business and relevant positions, list the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to perform each specific task. Note which ones are mandatory for new hires, and which preferred or desired skills might be learned after an employee joins your business. In addition to competencies directly related to the skill, general abilities, such as the ability to lift a specific amount of weight, type a certain number of words per minute, travel and work evenings, weekends and holidays might be considered job competencies.


Competency mapping therefore has now become essential for every organization to achieve excellence, gain competitive advantage, and renew them through proper restructuring.”

In any Job Description, Key Result Area (KRA’s) represents the “Output” of the job. And the knowledge, skills and competencies represent the “Inputs” of the job. Competency-based job analysis basically means writing job description based on competencies rather than just job duties.

The validated competencies can be taken directly from existing library in case the company has already adopted a competency model. Alternatively if the company is in the “process of developing competency model”, then during the “data collection” phase (step no. 3 of process – as shown in previous post) various assessment methods can be used. However, “Behavioral Event Interview” (BEI) is given more importance by Haygroup. Other methods include Expert Panels or Focus Group and Surveys. These methods either can be used on their own or along with other methods for effective results.

Job Description

A directory / library typically contain list of approximately 15 to 20 tailored competencies. These competencies are key to high performance in the organization.

For each competency we require:

– A definition

– A business rationale (why it matters to the business)

– Levels of demonstration, with behavioural indicators


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