‘Ramayan’ is an epitome of all Vedic scriptures, it also contain the essence of life management. This is not only a narration of life history of a worthy son, but it is the very store house of all secrets of life and its virtues.

Ramayan depicts the essential characters and truth of all relationships and their ideal forms, behaviors and patterns. There are a number of teachings in Ramayan which can make our life well managed.

-King Dashrath, when observed grey hairs in his beard, he immediately declared Shri Ram as his  successor. We in our lives should deeply reconsider our strengths, capacities, weaknesses deficiencies  and decisions. It is commonly observed that we do not easily give-up our position despite  incompetence.

-Ram joyfully accepted the ‘Vanvaas’, which teaches that whatever is destined should be accepted  happily. One should not panic in adverse situation and should face the dark, the  sadness and sorrow, hurdles and hindrances, and the success and failure, even tempered.

-Sita and Laxman also accompanied Shri Ram, although it was not necessary. Here lies the secret of   attitude that we should not divert our loyalty, faith and trust in the face of adversity.

-Bharat did not accepted the secured crown of Ayodhya, instead he kept brother Ram’s wooden sandal  as the ruler of the empire. This incidence says that owe only which you are entitled for morally.

-Ram accepted Sugriva as friend and helped him to get back his wife and his sovereignty. So accept  friendship of those who can understand you an your problems.

-Ram always praised Bharat and regarded him as his most affectionate brother, whereas Laxman faced  the consequences of ‘Vanvaas’, but Laxman never opposed this attitude of Ram and performed his  duties without expecting appreciation. So whenever you perform your duties, never expect gratitude  and appreciation, as it diverts the mind and concentration.   


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