Many times we are in a situation when we see no chance, opening or opportunity. We feel as if all the doors have been closed. We feel as if we have been pushed to the wall without any escape door. We feel helpless and start doubting ourselves. Depression sets in. Nothing enthuses us. We feel no taste, no smell stimulates us, no joke brings us a smile and even most emotionally-charged scenes on the television screen fail to excite us.

We feel as if we have descended into a dark, cold room without a way out. We think of the distant cousins and friends who are happy in their lives and quite successful in their careers. We compare ourselves with them and feel worse. We blame the situation, the system, the mediocrity, etc. We feel there is no God, fairness or reparation. But we don’t seriously meditate on our plans and efforts? We hardly gather the courage to question our own absurdities and aberrations. We never want to accept the fact that it’s we, and no one else, who is responsible for the mess we are in. Maybe our approach was immature and decisions impulsive.

Opportunities do come in everyone’s life. If they come early and without much effort, most of us make the mistake of not respecting them. We start taking them for granted. Maybe when the opportunities come, we are not fully prepared to utilise them. We let them slip away by feeding our false ego by believing that “we are special”.

Opportunity is like an unpredictable rain that does not wait for us to open our pots to collect the precious water. By the time we realize and open our pots, the rain vanishes. When confronted by failures, the most important thing one can do is to take stock of one’s life. Visiting a fortuneteller, wearing a talisman, or even visiting a temple may not help much. Ask yourself what you want from life. What is your priority? Is it money, fame, creative satisfaction or something else? Ensuing others if they are rich and famous, will not help if your priorities are different.

Everyone has a different role to play in this world. You must try to understand your role in this life. Never curse God or blame your stars for the situation you may have landed in. Do not compare yourself with others who may look more privileged. Think of those who may not be as fortunate as you are. There are people who have no food, no shelter and have to work the whole day for a humble meal. There are people who have no shoe, no proper clothing, no place to live and no family to fall back upon.

For us not finding a matching shoe for a newly-acquired dress can be a serious issue. We buy an expensive drink and leave it half-finished. Do we realize that to earn that much money, someone may have to work the entire day. And, we still blame our stars or curse God.

Nature tests our worth through tough ways. Do not panic in a situation when all the doors have been shut on you. You are being tested. A new door will certainly open if you have the will power and unfaltering faith in your resolve. Be aware of the definite cycle of nature. After every dark night, there is a bright morning. Be optimistic, without being unrealistic. After failure there is success provided you have learned lessons from your ruptures.


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One thought on “All Doors are Closed ?

  1. Most people experience this feeling at some point in time. It is such times that give meaning to the adage: “The tough get going when the going gets tough”. Look around harder. God usually opens a window of opportunity when all doors appear closed.

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