Rcvd This From One Of My Friend working in Big 4- it seems Very Logical Related To Career Spoiling – and Business Spoiling ; in my view Answer Is Very Simple – But Let’s See – Who can Reach Near To Solution.

ASD was working in MNC as an executive in HR department, pass out from one of the top B school, worked 5 years, then joined another good company as Sr. Executive, worked 4 years, Joined a company as Manager HR, after serving 3 years there suddenly she switched to a recruitment Consultancy as Consultant, now she have completed 3 years, trying to get in again in Corporate but no one seems Interested because except Staffing she do not know other functions of Core HR.

Whatever she learnt in past organizations all become no use now, because no practice, and no one is ready to teach again ……………………. Case 1.

DSA is owner of a recruitment Consultancy, small team, high dreams, but not getting Business, most of corporate generally prefer Big consultants, people are not ready to trust on capability, delivery, result business is shrinking………………Case 2.

What to do…………? Millions mind Billions answer. Before answering Just thinks, how I am successful, how much I am satisfied, what are my achievements

the problem is, the one who is suffering; do not know what to do? and advisors also do not know ; what advice they are giving? if again failed then who will responsible?, few things in life are not made for Trying HIT & TRIAL, one have to take risk, the old theory is, survival for fittest is still applicable. BUT HOW………….?

lets see………….answers.


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