Body Language – Not many people are aware of it but the fact is that your eyes and your body movements speak faster and louder than what you could say. So, if your words, facial expressions and body movements are not in sync than it implies that something is really wrong with you. For some people it may only indicate your lack of confidence but there has to be a reason for lack of confidence. Either you are not sure about whatever you are doing or saying or you are engulfed by the fear of unknown and unseen.

Big Mouth and non-performers – Only talks and no action. There is this breed of people who talk a lot and talk loud but their talks do not hold any substance. Through their words they can build beautiful castles and do the impossible but when it comes to action or execution or performance, they don’t even get any closer to their words. They find excuses for their non-performance.

Lack of commitment and accountability – They are not willing to make any commitment. They prefer not to have deadlines or final dates for delivery or any targets. And when asked to finalize a date or an execution plan, they make an excuse that their work is difficult to quantify or control or their work is influenced by external factors. They believe in, “I will work and I want to work but I will work only then when India will become corruption free country”.

Unwillingness to accept responsibility (Blame Game) – “I did this or that because of X, Y or Z and hence I should not be held responsible for the outcome”. “I want to be a Team-Lead or a Department Head but I am no where responsible for the failure of the team”. “Reasons for my failure are out of my control”. These people do not accept responsibility and in a worst case scenario, they even blame external factors for their failure.

Lies and Dishonesty – They are chronic liars. They lie about anything and everything. They are fraudulent, deceptive, as well as corrupt. They cheat to get through their way. It doesn’t really matter what profession you are in or what you do but one needs to be honest and true.

Arrogant (I know everything) and Egoistic – Oh, then there is this breed of people who knows everything and everybody in all the industries. They pretend to have known everything. They find themselves to be too big to learn anything.  And as they know everything, they have little scope to learn new things and because they cannot learn anything new, sooner or later they are likely to commit suicide.

i am continue……………..wait for next


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