I hope helps guide you into the New Year.

1. Visualize

your role as a leader, not as the central figure of control, but getting players to explore the possibilities. When you make a mistake or others do, respond with “How fascinating!” and don’t place blame.

2. Opportunities

always lie in reframing the question and examining the assumptions you and your teammates are taking for granted and don’t realize you are making. Anyone in the organization can identify and challenge assumptions, so get started today and engage in the exploration.

3. You’ll

never live a full life complaining. Today’s reality often seems fixed with strong competition and grim goals. Take the perspective of “what if” and “what’s next” and never lose sight of the broader vision.

4. Distinguish

the “downward spiral” from “radiating possibilities,” reliably and consistently. When things are defined as WIN/LOSE you constrain possibilities.

5. The secret

to life is “all is invented” and “all is in the perception and framed in your perspective.”

6. Remember

Rule #6 (when others are overcome by problems): “Don’t take yourself so seriously.” Essentially, turn everything to a positive and never complain, and you will stay closer to the track that will open possibilities. Tension never releases possibilities.


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