Time has changed ; as on Today most of old Best Practices of HR are mandatory for each organization. HR has to Focus more into Business Excellence Prospective.

What I think, the top Best HR practices should be same for all sectors, and it is because Human Resource is well connected with – Workforce, Business, Capital, Operations, and Technology. In my view these should be:

1. Talent Banking

  • Right Person For Right Position
  • Talent Retention

2. Focus On Business Plan

  • Syncing HR Road Map With Business & Marketing Plan

3. Organization Diagnostics

  • Organization Vision, Mission, Goal
  • Organization Health
  • Organization Need
  • Be Legal In All Terms
  • Fat Trimming

4. Reward & Recognition

  • Designing And Implementing Transparent Performance System
  • Designing And Implementing Transparent Recognition System
  • Process Performance System

5. Organization Excellence

  • Establishment of System and Policies – Keeping in mind The benefit of Employee and Organization  
  • Establishment Of Par Excellence In Process
  • Establishment Of Par Excellence In Quality
  • Employee Learning Need Analysis

6. Quality And Productivity Optimization

  • Implementing All Interventions Which Leads To Optimization Of Quality And Productivity

7. Assessment Center

  • Capability Assessment And Development
  • Capacity Assessment And Development

8. Cost Saving

  • Closing All Resource Of Bleeding

9. Technology Upgrade

  • Need Based Upgrading Of Technology

10. Customer Centric

  • Focus On Service – Internal Customer
  • Focus On Service – External Customer

11. Analysis and Continue Improvement

I am continue….. on this topic…….post you comments……….


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