Leadership Discussion focuses on evaluating and exploring some important leadership competencies. These interview questions are most important in order to check the competencies of job seekers, their leadership skills and potentials. Leadership and management activities look alike, but slightly different in some manners. Management is a component of leadership and a leader is responsible for performing some important functions such as planning, organizing, managing, and controlling. Effective and perfect leadership will definitely help the organization in every manner.

Leadership is an ability to motivate employees for doing the works and allotted tasks sincerely and dedicatedly. Almost every company needs a leadership in order to run company smoothly and effectively. This job is in great demand. If you are thinking to apply for the job description given above, you need to prepare well for the interview process. Following are some important leadership interview questions.

1. How would you describe your leadership quality? Give me some qualities of a leader.

This is the frequently asked leadership interview question. Question is asked to find out that is your style congruent to organization or not. Some leadership qualities are integrity, dedication, motivation, humility, Magnanimity, creativity, fairness, openness and sense of humor.

2. Describe your values and ethics as a leader? Give me some example of these

Qualities of a leader are also known as value and ethics. They are the most important leadership competency. A perfect leader will always be able to solve problems and ethics in personal behavior. A good leader encourages everyone for enhancing honesty, fairness, transparency and confidence level.

3. What are the roles and responsibilities of leader? How will you establish it with your company’s manager?

The role of leader is not limited to some works and tasks. He has to communicate with the lower level workers after making some smart and effective strategies. He translates some plans and strategies with very clarity. He is used to identify short term objectives, performances, measures, communicate priorities and agreement to management.

4. Explain some innovative elucidations you developed

A good leader will always promote innovation and change in the way of working. He helps in finding solutions for the given problems and emphasizing openness to changing environment.

5. Explain the time when you got really tough competition.

Leaders are the only persons who build strong organization vision both externally and internally. They make some effective marketing, advertising and communication strategies within the company and also remove obstacles.

If you are going for the leadership interview, always give clear and honest answers to the questions.


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