Before you go for Business Process Re-Engineering, you must go first for Business Process Improvement.

here is the road map for BPI

Process roadmap:

  • Identify process owners
  • Assess customer requirements and expectations (internal and external)
  • Walk the processes (process mapping)
  • Assess the infrastructure (capability analysis)
  • Assess current information systems (capabilities and reporting tools)
  • Identify best practices – benchmarking
  • Customer driven process redesign
  • Action plan development
  • Implementation (training and policy deployment)
  • Measurement and monitoring process performance and customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate, Process Audit, Target Improvement

Achieving the highest levels of quality and competitiveness requires a well-defined, well-executed approach ; one have to focus on these points also.

  • Create a structure and mechanisms to support the continuous improvement effort
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators that measure the predictors of customer satisfaction and operational performance
  • Assess your business practices to determine their effectiveness, deployment, and results
  • Develop detailed action plans to help you achieve performance excellence
  • Develop internal facilitators and provide practical training in problem solving tools
  • Utilize the principles of Process Management to optimize business processes