An individual’s goodness should be judged on the basis of the extent to which he/she has been able to live up to eminent human values and has fostered their development. Talents and abilities are just means or tools. A cane and a knife, on their own, are neither praiseworthy nor blameworthy. They can be commended or condemned, depending on whether they were used for defending oneself or to hurt someone.

Likewise, the talents and capabilities of man are the means only. It is his thoughts and actions which decide and thus, hint at how and where his talents and abilities are being utilized. If his thoughts and actions are honorable, his talents and capabilities would also be honorable. However, if his thoughts and actions are wicked, his talents and abilities would also be wicked.

Individual’s dignity and honor should not be associated with having such material means (like talents, capabilities, achievements, status, riches, etc.) but with the noble thoughts and noble activities which actually nurture and guide those means. This should be the only criterion for giving or receiving honor.