Here a series transcendental coaching which lead for Transfiguration in life,  I want to constantly improve – learn – research and Coach the lessons of “LIFE” and make humble effort to improve the quality of Human’ – Professional and Family life. this program helped People’ to build their “Complete LIFE CYCLE PLANED, PERFECT AND BALANCED”.

What are the factors in Delivery for Optimum Output and Factors for Unsettle – Stretched – Stressed Life of a Human’? Few are…..

1. Lack of 5 Principles of Focus

2. Quality of Life

3. Lack of  Knowledge

4. Lack of Wisdom

5. Nervousness on the time of work pressure

6. Known Fear factors

7. Unknown Fear factors

8. Lack of Confidence

9. Absence of Mind

10. Accepting work as burden not Joy

11. Lack of Motivation

12. Environment Communication

13. Lack of Goal Setting

14. Ignorance for life & work

15. Ignorance for values

16. Ignorance of Priorities

17. Ignorance for Learning

18. Feeling Empty Mind, Empty Thoughts

19. Deny to Change



1. Employees Mind

2. What Are Major Goals

3. Goal Setting

4. Character Of Habits

5. Setting Priorities

6. Managing Stress

7. Time Management

8. Time Dropout Actions

9. The Concept Of Two Mind / New Way Of Thinking

10. Creativeness And Innovation

11. Advance Meditation Technique

12. Way For Receiving Unwanted Situations

13. Personal Excellence Thru Habits

14. 7 Secrets Of Success

15. Mastering Mind

16. Value Of Self Discipline

17. Learning Techniques

18. 5 Principles Of Focus

19. How To Spiritually Incline & Strong Within

Series 2 Transformation

The Leaders are the utmost positive feature of any Industry. As the also called the Gardner, They build up prospect leaders in their departments. But the Leaders must become skilled at the techniques to handle and teach their People. This Century is the demanding era for every Leader.

They have to frequently upgrade their skills and talents for wining of the competition. This unique program throws radiance on the novel art of coaching and building excellence class of employees.


1. Employees Sensitivity

2. The leader’s Observation

3. The Bond within

4. The  Level of  Self-Worth

5. From Grounding to Explore Level

6. From Boss to Leader

7. From Leader to Mentor

8. The History

9. The Current

10. The Potential

11. Type of Boss

12. Type of Leaders

13. Type of Mentors

14. Type of Employees

15. Relationship Management

16. Competency Map for Self

17. Guiding Matrix

18. 3 Intelligences of a Leader

19. Advance Meditation Techniques

Step 3 – Transfiguration (Customized program)

Advance Transcendental Coaching.

It is Complete Life Cycle Management Programs and It Is Deeply Research Based Program. When Delivered We Do Diagnosis Of Every Individual For Personality, Attitude, Nature, Style Of Functioning and Thinking, We Keep In Mind That All Factors Of Life Will Synchronize In Such A Way Where Human Performance Must Be Enhanced Up To Transfiguration Level.


1. Who Am I

2. What I Can Do (Can’t Do)

3. What I Have To Do In My Life

4. What are Secrets Of Karma And Destiny

5. What Should I Do For My Life Plans

6. What Fear Factor/S I Have

7. What Are My Strengths

8. How to get Confidence in life

9. How Can I Manage My Time

10. How Can I Deliver My Optimum Out Put

11. How Can I Balance My Life In Different Roles

12. How Can I Find Valuable Of Non Valuable Actions

13. How Can I Keep Perfection And Balance in My Action Plans?

14. How To Remove Fear Factors

15. How To Manage Relations

16. How Can I Stop non valuable Actions

17. Do I Need Motivation or Passion

18. Do I Have Spiritual Strength

19. Effective Criticism

Sure Benefits  • More Confident • More Competitive • Placing passion in place of motivation • Achievement of Perfection in Actions • Balancing of Life • Fast Understanding and Learning •  Right and Timely presentation of Knowledge • Wining Over Fear Factors • Able to give optimum value add out put Over All A complete self development. * last you will enjoy peace and feeling of a winner within.

let me know what you need more.


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