Research in HRM has paid specific attention to the link between the HR practices & organizational performance, evident in improved Employee Commitment, Lower Attrition, Enhanced People Quality and Efficiency.

When we talk of “best HR practices” or leading HR practices, what comes to my mind is the notion sometimes called

  • High Commitment, Which Must Be Resulting Into Best Performance
  • Selective and Right Hiring
  • Extensive Training
  • Sharing of Information
  • Providing Employment Security
  • Developing Self Managed Teams 
  • Best Compensation Based On Company Performance.
  • Reduced Status Differentials

These could be termed as best practice. Enhancing COMPETENCIES, COMMITMENT & CULTURE BUILDING (Three C’s) should be the net result of any effective HR practice.

Problem comes when people, without understanding and identifying current standards and practices of the organization, jump over to other organization practices and copy-paste them which ultimately result into little benefit and bigger complexities.

Before benchmarking any HR practices, I suggest to first make a thorough study of your own HR practices and –

  • Identify Which Areas Of HR You Want To Improve,
  • Identify The Organizations’ You Want To Bench Mark Your HR,
  • Assign the right people to conduct the bench marking & implementing the changes.

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