Employees need emotional security above everything else. Few tips on what a company/boss can do to overcome apathy at the workplace.


Don’t make a fish run the marathon. A tweak of the KRAs and job rotation can work wonders. “Those who enjoy what they do, don’t have to work a single day of their life,”

“All of us are social creatures. We want to know what is happening around us. “If someone takes the trouble to let us know this, it sends a positive signal.” Aligning the employee’s performance with the company’s, is important.


As a society, we are stingy about providing appreciation. Appreciation should be specific, timely and authentic — and should not contain a ‘but’ or ‘however’.

“Give your employees a pat on their back when they deserve it and make them feel wanted,”


Not necessarily positive. In fact, once the three points, above, are operationalised, it is critical to provide timely feedback. Be genuine; unnecessary praise or rebuke will not be appreciated. Pause before providing feedback to think how it will help the employee.

“A formal, written feedback, as we provide might be better. That way, employees can chart future course of action,”


Employees expect their boss to be human. Owning up to your mistakes is perhaps the best way of connecting with employees.

“The management can also ensure that senior employees don’t get away with mistakes, and ensure the rules are the same for everybody, irrespective of rank,” . This will help garner the most valued virtue for the company — the employees’ trust.

As Published at—–Economic Times.


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