“Some of us will do our jobs well & some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing-the result.” – I am being old now by repeating the same since last 20 yrs now.

Performance matters. The way you perform in your organization will determine how long you will continue with your employment. Results are everything in the world of work. Your ability to get the results is the most important single determinant of how much you are valuable. You should always been asking a question as to why are you on the payroll? Make a list of everything you have been hired to do. Be sure to differentiate between activities & accomplishments. The entire day of activities has no meaning if those activities do not culminate into tangible results. What does your boss consider to be most important things you do, your highest value activities & how you are moving forward, resolve to work every day, every hour on precisely those tasks will determine your employability.

In this article, I would like to highlight few important points as to how one should go about consolidating & cementing his position purely on account of PERFORMANCE.

Objectives of the company are paramount. Irrespective of whether you are a workman, supervisor, officer or a manager your position can be secure only if you substantially & ceaselessly contribute towards the departmental objectives. Thus, accomplishments of the employee are most vital.

The company will recognize & reward you only when you are efficient & effective in relations to work. You not only need to be competent & proficient in your work but also need to be cost effective & economical. You also need to consistently produce quality work.

While discharging your functions, you have to extremely punctual, reliable & dependable. You as an employee can inspire the employer only by exceeding their expectations by giving superlative performance on a day to day basis. Achieving results can get you & your company where you want to be.

Every employer looks for employees who have these 4 key factors in deciding to not only retain but promote them as well.

  1. They are job mastery – does the employee do the job well & with confidence?
  2. Initiative – does the employee anticipate what needs to be done & do it without being told?
  3. Work habits – does the employee have discipline & positive character traits?
  4. Responsibility – can the employee handle complex decision making & managerial obligations?

Every employee while discharging their functions shall encounter difficulties, obstacles or problems of varying nature. You should not get cowed down at any cost. You may need to face change, challenges, risks in the form of potential loss of people & uncertainty about the future.

You necessarily need to stay focused & move in the right direction when faced with these setbacks. In these situations you have to forge ahead by giving your best shot at each & every occasion.

Apart from the knowledge, skills & attitude one possesses, one needs to hone the soft skills to outperform his colleagues. Some of them are leadership & motivation, communication, managing change, creativity, group behaviour, managing teams. In order to be productive, you have to learn peoples’ skills in abundance as they are the most important resource available.

We are in the era of technology & information. Today we are bombarded with a lot of information from various sources. You need to know when & where we can pick up relevant information pertaining to our field. Technology has to be put to good use when we carry on with our job. Master technology & maximize the usage of technology in order to get the results accurate & faster.

Problems are a normal, natural & unavoidable fact of life. Your work life will be a continuous succession of problems, like the waves coming in from the ocean, one after the other. You will have problem after problem all day long & into the evening. They never seem to end. They only vary in size & importance. Resolve to be solution oriented in your approach towards life & work. The more you focus on solutions, the more effectively you think & the better solutions you come up with.

A quality organization is known by the quality of employees on its pay roll. Productivity, performance, accomplishment are HR terminology which are frequently used. The performance of the organization depends largely upon the performance of its people & thus it can safely be construed that the performance of a department is more important than the performance of an individual. In other words, if all the employees of a department put in their best as a team the result shall be amazing.

Are you working in an operational, production, technical or administration department? Assume for a day that you are the CEO of that section or department. Forget for a moment that you have to functionally report to your boss. Do your best to clean up at the end of the day. You run a clean-up business that serves the larger company you work with. Take personal responsibility for the success of your business. Show up like an entrepreneur without any inhibition. Grow sales, cut costs. Get good stuff done. You will ultimately see how you shine in your career.

Great achievement often happens when our backs are up against the wall. Pressure can actually enhance your performance. It’s pretty normal to want to avoid putting stress on yourself by intensely challenging yourself shine. It is very much human to take the path of least resistance. But greatness never came to anyone normal. For a change just try showing up fully each day – at work & in life – if retreat just wasn’t an option? Challenge serves beautifully to introduce you to your best-& most brilliant-self.

Watch for those employees who under perform. Noticeable alterations in an employee’s behaviour could signal a looming performance or disciplinary issue.

–         Change in attitude. A previously positive employee becomes negative & uncooperative.

–         Minimal effort. An employee does just enough to get by but doesn’t make any extra effort.

–         Lack of concentration. An employee seems distracted or preoccupied.

–         The silent treatment. An employee keeps to himself more than usual.

Gone are the days you would continue to be on the pay roll of the company on the strength of your seniority. Each & every day you have to put in a great deal of hard work, smart work, creative work, productive work ceaselessly & consistently without getting weary.




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