Why HR is needed when Company is doing well, Employees and Employers are Satisfied with Growth ??

Got reply from more then 300 HR managers / Head HR/ Sr. Levels. Below some very good reply.


DS Choubey – Head – HR at Eicher Engines  Says:-

  1. To answer your question in a detailed manner , we must examine what is the deliverables expected from HR in any organization and what are the competencies which do help HR in delivering those deliverables.
  2. Before that I would like to touch upon uncertain future challenges’ likely to come to any organization which may be doing very well presently, however these challenges have potential and probability to endanger very existence of the organization if not responded properly and timely. These challenges can be any thing or everything out of following , which is not exhaustive:
    1.Attrition of employees ( Due to Market forces or natural ( like death , disability & retirement ..etc)
    2.Impact of new technology on your business
    3.Feasibility of existing business process
    4.Continuance of Existing level of Motivation / Drive in employees
    5.Birth of a competitor in same field of business activity.
    6.Legislative changes
    The above said challenges define the HR deliverables and competencies to effectively manage them . These deliverables can be following (Not exhaustive) :
    1.Timely Recruitment : Ability to contribute in interview process and hire appropriate talent.
    2.To create Organisation Design , structure & Staffing: Ability to forecast and optimize Man Power & optimize Organisation structure.
    3.To play a role of Business Partner : Ability to build knowledge of business process.
    4.To Design and Deploy HR policies and Processes : Ability to continuously realign employee related policies to meet changing individual & organizational needs.
    5.Counseling : Ability to help an employee to resolve his/her concerns by using problem solving approach.
    6.Capability Building: Ability to emphasize need for learning & development and creating a pull for training.
    7.Compensation & Benefits: Ability to design & deploy creative compensation approaches to attract & retain talent.
    To conclude , if an organization or promoter feels that their current status once obtained can be for ever and and they do not foresee any reason which can challenge their status quo, probably HR is not required in such organizations.


  3. Your question is nicely put, Says : Human Resource Manager at Gaming
However, if we look at the problem, from a holistic perspective, we will surely notice, that HR needs to be at the centre of things.
If everything is going well, then HR – for things to continue going well – needs to ensure proper continuous learning and development programmes with employees (technology, processes, procedures are not static), talent acquisition (if your guys are really that good, then somebody will want to snatch it from you), career planning (the major cause of disappointment and worry when everybody knows he/she deserves a promotion & increment)
The satisfaction of shareholders, promoters, financiers and employees is like a car you are looking at. You must open the hood to get a glimpse of the complexity of the mechanics that lead to such performance.
And though Operations is the real “engine” generating power, Finance is the “fuel tank” and HR is the “radiator” (prevents thing from heating up).
Hope this convinces you of the essential role of HR in any organization.
Conclusion –
HR is breath of any organization, it is connected with Manpower (workforce), in organizations Every Manager is a HR Manager,  it is visible or invisible , but one can feel it, HR is atmosphere maker, it can create environment where best output can be expected. lot more, but it is suffice.

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