Every employer wants to recruit the best employee for the job. But wanting something and getting it can be challenging. The best employees are often found in little known places by even scarcer sources. Armed with a plan of action that includes both proven and unorthodox methods of hiring, a business can hire the best employees in town.

Step 1

  • Know what you want in your hire and what you can offer them. Employees today want more than a job and you must be willing to offer more while getting the work done. Write up a detailed list of the job description and describe what you and the employee can expect to get from the relationship. Mutually beneficial situations rarely fail.

  • Step 2

    Think of your employees as profit or a lucrative sale. The right kind of grateful attitude, coupled with a fair salary, can help recruit great employees.

  • Step 3

    Advertise in all the usual places, but add hiring notices in little used places such as Craigslist and bulletin boards in the local coffee shop. Drop in or call on university and college counselors.

  • Step 4

    Announce your needs to your local business and trade associations. Use your network to recruit prospects just as you do for the next juicy sale.

  • Step 5

    Talk to friends and acquaintances when you need to hire someone. Very often someone knows someone who has a remarkable niece or nephew who would make a perfect match.

  • Step 6

    Arm your hiring managers with enough information about the type of employee you want. They will then recognize the person in the interview.

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