Between 1999 and 2009, we’ve asked more than 15,000 employees, representing virtually all levels, functions, ages, industries and geographies, what keeps them in an organization "for a while." The top few stay factors come up again and again, throughout every industry and at every level of the organization. In order of frequency, below are the most common reasons people stay. Note that 89 percent of respondents listed at least one of the first four items among the top reasons they stay.

1. Exciting work and challenge.
2. Career growth, learning and development.
3. Working with great people.
4. Fair pay.
5. Supportive management or a good boss.
6. Being recognized, valued and respected.
7. Benefits.
8. Meaningful work and making a difference.
9. Pride in the organization, its mission and its  product.
10. Great work environment and culture.