Really it’s a shameful incident……….insanity with which VIP status are decided can’t get worse than this!!

An incident worth a debate has happened at Delhi Airport on Wednesday when eight serving Indian Army officers, all in uniform with their identity cards, led by a Major General were denied entry in the Airport by the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force). The officers were there to receive the bodies of Captain Devinder Singh and Naik Selva Kumar who died fighting the terrorists at Jammu & Kashmir. The officers also included a Brigadier, recipient of “Kirti Chakra”, Nation’s second highest gallantry award during peace time.


The officers as per Indian rules are not VIPs and thus, not allowed to enter without a valid ticket or special permission from the Ministry.Now interestingly, following individuals are allowed to enter the Airports as VIPs:


1. Spouses of High Commssioners

2. Dalai Lama

3. Robert Vadra (Son-in-Law to the head of a Political Party)


It is also interesting to mention that even the Chief of Indian Armed Forces were not included in this list till an year back who were later added after a lot of pressure from the media. But still, even our Lieutenant Generals are considered far below the status of Mr. Robert Vadra.


Imagine the kind of impression it would have created among people at the Airport watching these highly decorated soldiers not even allowed to enter a premises of their own country and that too for security reasons


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