You must heard about Vish-Kanya or Vish-Purush, here we called Dangerous People, they simply block your ways, they give you simply sweet poison, you can find them easily, just beware of them, here is some characteristics of them so you can identify them very easily.

The" I will do anything for you" pal

This person makes the promises that he/she thinks what you want to hear but he/she cannot keep them. These people promise to introduce you to important people..or put in a word and then make an excuse for failing to deliver.

The “Know it all”

These are walking encyclopedias who have seen everything at least once. They might have confidence, sharpness but are only useful as historians and are always ready with a precedent. They cannot admit that they are wrong, or do not know.

The "I Agree Boss "type

They are the first to have encouraging words for new proposals/suggestions and there favorite word is "let us develop that or I agree " but that is the last thing you hear about your proposal or suggestion. Their agreeability is indiscriminate therefore meaningless

The “HOLO confidant”

He meddles, shares-exchanges secrets, his currency is gossip. He will trade somebody else secrets with you to know your secrets. Stay way from them they can really pull you down

The “Obsessive”

This person is obsessed about the finer details, only problem is these are the details which do not matter. Eg. The colour of the report cover, the slide background of the imp. Ppt…Office supplies, Travelling expenses…etc He/she runs a very tight ship which is going nowhere. They have only one rule to follow penny wise; pound foolish.

The ‘strategic Incompetent’

This person becomes helpless when it is most inconvenient. He might express his ignorance in operating a computer or a copier machine when required. He is available for every sure thing but absent when it counts.

The ‘articulate incompetent’

These people can talk endlessly but cannot act. They impress with their smooth talk and thus create a great first impression, that is why they get hired at the first place but it does not take too long to realise that they are spineless and cannot take a stand or decision.


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