This is Professional suicide


Not Knowing Why you were Hired

Executive at every level exist for one reason only : to make the or boss good. Do not believe it ask your Boss and if you are the top man ask the company’s shareholders.

Following up too slowly

Hesitation to carry out the Boss’s order, the failure to carry out his/her commands lingers in the Boss’s mind and spoils your reputation

Ignoring the Peter’s principle

The Peter principle says that everyone eventually rises to their level of incompetence . Every promotion is not a cause of celebration sometimes promotion hurts. Many super sales people careers have been destroyed by their promotion to sales manager.

Ignoring the Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the fact of life in companies. being non conforming by not following the dress code or being a team player ..etc. might put you in a spot. if you want to stand out do it by your performance….

Wanting to be liked by everyone

The best executives are respected (certainly) and liked(maybe). You should make tough and correct decisions. Decisions should be dictated by the situations and not by the sympathies…

Failing to protect when a new boss appear

Organization make changes at the top to make the organization better, not to make life difficult for any one. Do not resist the new Boss. Arrival of a new boss signals big changes. Don’t ignore or resist them.

Going Public with your private thoughts

Many a career has been short changed when executives take the wrong colleague into their confidence. Cutting remarks eventually do reach to the Boss to undercut you. if you need to gossip/backbite do it at home with your family.

Blaming Bad news on someone else

If you have made a mistake admit it rather than giving excuses and blaming others.It spoils your reputation and also is a sure way of making the victim of your blame as your enemy.

Asking your people to do something you won’t do yourself

if you are the first one to leave office at a dot of 5:30 you cannot expect your employees to stay late. You need to show the way or lead by setting a personal example.


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