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Communication Process or Effective Communication or Communication Skills are such subjects that has been properly researched and many authors have filled volumes of pages to explain all the nitty-gritty involved in communication and to explain to the world how one can and must communicate with others or group of people.  A simple Google search for “Effective Communication” generates 44 million pages. Yet, I believe that the communication process as a whole is governed by certain myths and misnomer. We are preparing this write-up to touch upon some of those myths and provide clarity.

Myth 1: Language is critical for effective communication process

Myth 2: Effective communication means your ability to communicate in English Language

Myth 3: Ability to write and speak proficiently qualifies you as an excellent communicator

Myth 4: What you communicate is not as important as how you communicate

Myth 5: People holding command over two different languages cannot communicate efficiently

Myth 6: “No communication” is good communication

Key elements required for effective communication

1) Know what you are communicating

2) Know the size and composition of people that you are communicating with

3) Credibility, Sincerity and Trustworthiness

4) Time of communication

5) Precise and simple

6) Feedback

Things to avoid

1. Assumptions

2. Common Lingo


Tell us what you are going to tell us, tell us, and then tell us what you told us; that is the essence of communication process. Good communication requires clarity of thought, precision of language and empathy with your intended audience. People will interpret your message differently based on their level of education, past experience, familiarity with the topic, fluency in your language, etc. A good communicator has his audience’s best interests at heart. They concentrate on the message, not themselves


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