Do not forget, this can happen with anyone



Going with your gut in hiring decisions can work out well, but it can also mean acting on unstated-in many cases unconscious-bias. Recent research shows that after someone is unemployed for more than a month, positive responses from employers fall sharply and decline further as time passes, even if he or she has the same qualifications as other applicants. But overlooking these candidates, like ignoring any other potential good hire, will likely cost you.

I have good experience with hiring unemployed Candidates in different roles, some of them were out of job for 6 months to 4 years , most of them performed very well, and today some of them are working as CEO, COO, CIO, and CFO with multibillion $ organizations.

You may give a second thought like that , They are likely to be economical and easier to hire because you don’t have to woo them away from their current employer. Such candidates are persistent, determined to succeed, and will likely be grateful to have a job-and gratitude is associated with many aspects of good job performance.

My personal opinion, Unemployment is the biggest curse, one who do not have livelihood, live with an untold pain. I think we can contribute a lot to this world if we start giving opportunities to the unemployed.

Provided they should have the qualities/skills which you need


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