Emperor Akbar once saw a tribal women deliver her baby in the middle of the forest without any help and resume her journey home carrying a large bundle of the fire wood. Highly impressed, he ordered that, henceforth, women in his harem would not get any medical aid to deliver babies. Much alarmed, the royal women appealed to Birbal for help. A couple of weeks later, when Akbar was strolling around in the garden with Birbal, he was shocked to see his precious rose plants had all withered. Naturally, he was furious with the gardener. Birbal then intervened and said that forests have mighty trees though no one ever bothers to water and nurture them. Why then should roses be pampered ? Akbar got the hint and withdrew his order about abolishing medical attention to the women I his harem. There is an excellent leadership moral in this story.


Think about it for a while and then scroll below for the answer.

  • A yardstick for one cannot be applied to another. Everyone needs an appropriate environment to be nurtured to his/her full potential.
  •  Some situation or followers might need an autocratic kind of leadership where the followers are clearly instructed and closely directed.
  • A different situation or followers might need a participative kind of leadership where every body’s views/opinions are taken but ultimately the leaders have the final say.
  •  Another kind of situation or followers need an autonomous kind of leadership where the followers have the independence to take their own decisions.

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